It may have been impossible to comprehend the slow speed at which litigation takes place.  Pre settlement legal funding can be a life saver when there is no end in site.

Even a case that is clearly in the favor of one party can take years to resolve, and getting an award can take more time than some injured parties may have.  In many of these cases, an injured party will continue to accrue medical bills and other debts even as they wait on an award.

This is where funding before settlement comes in. It exists to bridge the gap between injury and award, allowing injured parties to move on with their lives.

Funding during a lawsuit is a remarkably common process, largely in place due to the slow speed of litigation. Even those who have a “slam dunk” sort of case can find themselves spending years in court – years during which costs continue to add up.

The sole purpose of this type of cash advance is to connect the time between litigation and receiving an award, allowing the client a chance to receive money necessary to pay his or her bills and keep up with legal costs during the interim.

The funding itself can be used for any purpose and often exists as the only means of support for some individuals during their legal battles.

Contrary to popular belief, getting this monetary relief is a remarkably simple process. It is best to think of it as an advance against the settlement to be received in the future.

Unlike a loan, this advance does not take credit into account, nor does it require payments while the settlement is ongoing.

All it takes to get funding is the cooperation of an attorney, who needs to verify the facts of the case with the funding company. Once those facts are received, the client can receive the advance rather quickly.

This advance must be paid back when the settlement is received, usually with interest that has accrued between the advance’s origination and the receipt of the award.

Legal funding is a necessity for many who are dealing with long legal cases and difficult injuries. If you are out of work or have high medical bills due to a pending case, pre settlement funding must be considered in order to make sure you can make ends meet.

The process of getting such an advance is remarkably easy and taking the time to do so can help you avoid financial complications in the future.  It may very well be the greatest relief you could imagine.

If cash before your lawsuit settles can help you, fill out this simple form.  You can have money in your hands faster than you thought possible.